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Connecting Liberal Arts Education to Jobs

An initiative to facilitate the required landscaping, experimentation, and development of best practices to strengthen the college to career journey.

Pragya Systems - Digital Advising

Institutions have done a great job transitioning to online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, digital advising presents new challenges.

Pragya Systems - Holistic Advising

Academic advising requires a strong career context, especially when it comes to first year exploration and skills tracking.

Equity, Access and Career Success

The promise of equity, access and career success for all learners and job seekers can become a reality if we have the resolve to flip older practices...

Pivoting Towards The Student

Pragya Systems recognizes the EdTech challenges faced by college students and adapts the core team to reflect this mission.

My Journey Through EdTech

Ajay Sharda, co-founder of Pragya Systems and a veteran of the EdTech industry, shared his EdTech journey through the years.

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