A successful transition from student to professional requires
alignment of student, employer and campus.

All 3 stakeholders involved in this transition have problems:

Discovering jobs is difficult and 75% of students aren’t aware of career services.

Employers have no way to input their requirements into the curriculum.

Campuses have little visibility into student’s experiential learning (internships/co-ops).

For Students

Pragya’s Learning Streams provides a way to seamlessly manage coursework, experiential learning and career related resources and connections in one place.

Learning Streams enable students to:
  • Leverage IBM Watson powered recommendations to explore and organize internships, co-ops, jobs in one place along with other campus learning activities.
  • Discover professional mentors and other off-campus resources aligned with career goals.
  • Share and collaborate with mentors and career counsellors.

Learning Streams are personalized pathways of students, and they can take it with them from institution to institution. While providing continuity to learners, it also unlocks a unique new connection with alumni for campuses.

For Employers

Pragya also strengthens employers’ engagement with campus.

Learning Streams may be used to:
  • Incorporate employer content into curricula.
  • Disseminate career related resources directly to students.
  • Create micro-tracks aligned with (or developed in collaboration with) employers.
  • Improve the efficiency of campus recruitment, by providing a deeper window into student learning beyond grades and courses.

For Colleges

By connecting course information with employment and experiential learning information, Pragya unlocks new insights on curricular relevance to career pathways.

Experience the Application

Take a closer look at Learning Streams, Content Management and Campus Efficiency with Pragya Systems.

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