On-campus, silo-ed enterprise systems cannot provide uniform ways for information
to travel to students struggling to navigate the campus journey.

There are 3 distinct phases in a student’s journey through a college campus:

What is the right major, minor, concentration for me?

What are the right courses to take? Are there any activities and co-ops that are interesting?

How do I find the right job?

Pragya’s Learning Streams dramatically simplifies this journey

Personalized Student Pathways

  • IBM-Watson powered recommendations of campus-wide resources.
  • Explore other learning pathways that map to a student’s interests.
    • Advisor-curated Institutional, alumni or even peer streams/pathways.
  • Curate and organize discovered information (courses, people, clubs, events and content) into a personalized Learning Stream.
  • Share & Collaborate with advisors and peers.

Advising & Insights

By tapping into existing campus systems and providing a single place on the web for students to explore, plan and share their campus journey, Pragya dramatically improves the efficiency of the student-advisor interaction. Furthermore, it unlocks broader and deeper insights into student learning, engagement and pathways.
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