On-campus, silo-ed enterprise systems cannot provide uniform ways for information
to travel to students struggling to navigate the campus journey

There are 3 distinct challenges in a student’s journey through college

How do I choose my
career path?

What are my academic &
co-curricular options?

How am I progressing towards

Campuses lack the engagement and insight needed to prepare students for careers

Pragya helps students and campuses bridge this gap with the Dashboard, Explore and Planning applications

Personalized Student Pathways

Improve student engagement with a personalized, targeted student experience
  • Curate a personalized course and co-curricular plan
  • Discover resources and activities, from across campus, in one place
  • Share and collaborate with peers, advisors, counselors and mentors
  • Personalized dashboard of real-time program status, enrolled courses and contextual recommendations

Academic & Career Exploration

Help students align their academic and co-curricular plans with career options
  • Explore majors, concentrations and advisor-curated template streams
  • Unlock alumni pathways and career choices
  • Tap into Labor Market Intelligence for real-time career, job and income outlook
  • Explore experiential learning and online resources to supplement campus learning

Planning & Advising

Improve efficacy of advising by unlocking collaboration and information flow between students and advisors
  • Modern planning tool for students that incorporates program requirements and course schedules
  • Real-time view of student plans, status, learning and co-curricular activities
  • Slack-like private channels for communicating with students
  • Integrate with existing case management systems

Academic & Career Insight

By tapping into existing campus systems and providing a single place on the web for students to explore, plan and share their campus journey, Pragya dramatically improves the efficiency of the student-advisor interaction. Furthermore, it unlocks broader and deeper insights into student learning, engagement and pathways.

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