Student Success

70% of incoming freshmen have specific career questions

63% of students meet an advisor 2 times or fewer. 39% don't ever visit career services.

55% of students work while in college, and need holistic guidance & advising.

The Pragya Solution

Lack of appropriate career context in college disproportionately affects post-college outcomes of underprivileged students. Absence of personalized & holistic advising adversely impacts retention, and disproportionately affects lower income working learners.

Pragya bridges this equity gap, and improves retention and career alignment by:
  • Providing early career context to help students pick the right programs
  • Unlocking self-advising and empowering students with the right information
  • Easing the advisor caseload and facilitating more holistic advising
  • Enabling students to align their learning and activities to career skills and competencies
Improve first year advising and provide early career context
Help students track their progress towards degree and career goals

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