Pragya Systems offers the following applications for students to align their college journey to careers

Pragya Explore

The Explore tool taps into institutional data, labor market intelligence and employer information to facilitate informed academic choices with the appropriate career context.

Pragya Explore provides
  • Program Guides and Other Academic Options
  • Employer Tracks
  • Alumni Pathways and Insights
  • Regional Career Outlook and Labor Market Intelligence
  • Internships, Clubs and Other Co-Curricular Options
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Pragya Dashboard

The Pragya Dashboard summarizes performance, activity, and progress towards degree and career goals for each student on a personalized, intuitive UI.

Pragya Dashboard provides
  • Real Time Progress & Competency Tracking
  • Course, Performance and Activity Information
  • Personalized, Contextual Recommendations
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Improved Student-Advisor Engagement
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Pragya Planning

An academic & co-curricular planning tool, purpose-built for students, that incorporates program requirements and degree audit constraints.

Pragya Planning provides
  • Visualization of Integrated Degree and Co-Curricular Plan
  • Drag & Drop, Modern UI
  • Learning Outcome and Competency Tracking
  • Improved Student-Advisor Collaboration
  • Augments Existing Case Management and CRM Systems
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Cross-Silo Insight

Pragya unlocks fresh insights into curricula, alumni and student engagement.

Pragya provides
  • Visibility into Co-Curricular Student Activity
  • Correlation of Curriculum and Careers
  • Insight into Alumni Pathways
  • Central Tracking of Program and Course Learning Outcomes

Pragya's unique Learning Streams architecture captures a 360° view of a student's academic and co-curricular journey by

Connecting to on-campus systems and external information sources

Extracting intelligence using machine learning

Correlating academic, career, experiential and co-curricular activity

Zero Touch Onboarding

• Cloud Based Connectors
• SIS, LMS, Alumni, Career Systems
• Labor Market Intelligence, OER
• User uploaded content


• Single sign on with Shibboleth
• Granular Access Control
• User & Group Management

Machine Learning Powered By IBM Watson

• Automatic concept and taxonomy extraction
• Cognitive Search & Recommendation
• Automatic and User Defined Content Tagging
• Concept & Taxonomy Extraction

Visualization & Analytics

• Curricular / Career Insights
• Content Usage Analytics
• Alumni Insights

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