Pragya Systems offers the following applications for students to align their college journey to careers

Pragya Explore

The mobile-ready Explore tool taps into institutional data, labor market intelligence and employer information to facilitate informed academic choices with the appropriate career context.

Pragya Explore provides
  • Program Guides and Other Academic Options
  • Employer Tracks
  • Alumni Pathways and Insights
  • Regional Career Outlook and Labor Market Intelligence
  • Internships, Clubs and Other Co-Curricular Options
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Pragya Dashboard

The Pragya Dashboard summarizes performance, activity, and progress towards degree and career goals for each student on a personalized, intuitive mobile UI.

Pragya Dashboard provides
  • Real Time Progress & Competency Tracking
  • Course, Performance and Activity Information
  • Personalized, Contextual Recommendations
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Improved Student-Advisor Engagement
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Pragya Planning

An academic & co-curricular planning tool, purpose-built for students, that incorporates program requirements and degree audit constraints.

Pragya Planning provides
  • Visualization of Integrated Degree and Co-Curricular Plan
  • Drag & Drop, Modern UI
  • Learning Outcome and Competency Tracking
  • Improved Student-Advisor Collaboration
  • Augments Existing Case Management and CRM Systems
  • Zero Touch Onboarding

Cross-Silo Insight

Pragya unlocks fresh insights into curricula, alumni and student engagement.

Pragya provides
  • Visibility into Co-Curricular Student Activity
  • Correlation of Curriculum and Careers
  • Insight into Alumni Pathways
  • Central Tracking of Program and Course Learning Outcomes

Pragya's unique Learning Streams architecture captures a 360° view of a student's academic and co-curricular journey by

Connecting to on-campus systems and external information sources

Extracting intelligence using machine learning

Correlating academic, career, experiential and co-curricular activity

Zero Touch Onboarding

• Cloud Based Connectors
• SIS, LMS, Alumni, Career Systems
• Labor Market Intelligence, OER
• User uploaded content


• Single sign on with Shibboleth
• Granular Access Control
• User & Group Management

Machine Learning Powered By IBM Watson

• Automatic concept and taxonomy extraction
• Cognitive Search & Recommendation
• Automatic and User Defined Content Tagging
• Concept & Taxonomy Extraction

Visualization & Analytics

• Curricular / Career Insights
• Content Usage Analytics
• Alumni Insights

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