The Pragya solution is a web application with simple per-user subscription pricing that provides:

Cloud-based Connectors

• Connect to any campus system in minutes
• External data sources like OER and cloud drives

Access Control

• Single Sign-On with Shibboleth
• Access controlled, shared institutional folders

IBM Watson Powered Search & Curation

• Automatic concept and taxonomy extraction
• Automatic tagging
• Cognitive search and recommendation

Visualization & Analytics

• Content usage insights
• Curriculum to Career insights

Pragya offers 2 distinct applications built on this core technology

Learning Streams

“Learning Streams” allow students to discover create, curate and share personalized learning roadmaps.

Pragya provides:
  • Intuitive web UI for curating pathways online.
  • Share and collaborate with advisors, peers and mentors.
  • Rich visualization and analytics on peer, advisor and alumni pathways.

Learning Streams may also be used by campuses, potentially in collaboration with employers, to create cross-disciplinary and co-curricular tracks aligned to specific workforce needs.

Content Management

Ability to discover, share and manage content, topics, courses across the campus regardless of what repository or LMS it resides in.

Pragya provides:
  • Granular connector to all major LMSs.
  • Access, curate and sync LMS content and modules with a single click from the cloud.
  • Granular connector to major library repositories.
  • Portability of courseware across LMS and other repositories.
  • Git-like ability to fork derivative versions of courses.

Experience the Application

Take a closer look at Learning Streams, Content Management and Campus Efficiency with Pragya Systems.

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