Pragya Systems For Community College

Community college students want to see a direct ROI of their time and tuition investment. They want a clear, predictable path to graduation and post-college success.


Pragya Systems offers an AI-powered platform that taps into campus systems and labor market insight from Emsi to help students get the support they need and expect.
It eases the load of advisors and makes student-advisor interactions more impactful.

Pragya Systems

Career Alignment via Pragya Explore
  • Which is the right program for me?
  • What is the local industry outlook and who is hiring?
  • Are there any apprenticeships or employer tracks?
Self-Serve Advising via Pragya Dashboard
  • How much farther to the finish line?
  • Can I adopt a guided pathway as my personal plan?
  • Can I get personalized recommendations from my advisor on my dashboard

How can Community Colleges use Pragya?