Students demand successful career outcomes and ROI when considering college

There are 3 questions that students & families ask

What are my academic &
co-curricular options?

What is the career outlook for my program?

What pathways did alumni take?

Articulating connections between academics & careers is crucial to converting a prospect to an enrolled student

Pragya helps institutions boost enrollment yield by delivering a personalized, curated experience to prospective students

Academic & Career Exploration

Help students align their academic & co-curricular interests with a strong career context
  • Program options (majors, minors, certificates etc.)
  • Co-Curricular options
  • Alumni pathways and career outcomes
  • Advisor templates and guided pathways
  • Employer tracks
  • Regional and National labor market outlook
  • Website widget and personalized, curated experience
See how Pragya Explore helps articulate the career relevance of programs

Student Engagement

Capture insight and drive meaningful interactions with prospective students
  • Personalized AI-powered recommendations
  • Slack-like channels for communication
  • Analytics on prospect interests & activity
  • Integration with CRM and marketing automation systems
  • Seamless transition into first-year onboarding
See how Pragya Explore helps increase engagement & yield

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