Scheduling courses and creating a personalized, holistic plan is often a cumbersome process


Students & Advisors want a simple solution to

Search for the right courses

Check schedule conflicts, prereqs, and degree requirements

Create a plan that is optimal and career-aligned

Current SIS & Degree Audit systems cannot automate or ease the process


Pragya taps into existing campus systems and presents contextual information to students on a modern, intuitive UI to help them plan

Course Search & Scheduling

Digitize your course catalog and create a modern search experience
  • Facets & Filters to narrow results on multiple dimensions
  • Real-Time course section availability
  • Course scheduling with conflict checking
  • Google Calendar and iCal support
  • Prerequisites, corequisites and other constraints
  • Advisor collaboration
  • Course demand tracking
See how Pragya Course Planning helps students & advisors
Pragya Course Planning for High Schools

Degree Planning

Unlock self-serve advising and hide the complexity of Degree Audit
  • Integrated degree & co-curricular planning
  • AI-Powered recommendations
  • Sharing & collaboration with advisors
  • Competency and learning outcome tracking
  • Advisor curated / Guided Pathways or alumni pathways as plan templates
  • SIS, Degree Audit, CRM, LMS integration
See how Pragya Planning helps students & advisors

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