Colleges have data strewn across different systems and silos: SIS, LMS, MOOCs,
Libraries and other repositories, Career Services etc.

This has created three distinct business problems for campuses

Over 95% of institutions have invested in an LMS, but utilization is under 50%

Campus investments in courseware and content are underused

Compliance tracking is manual and expensive

Built for Education

Pragya is the first company to solve this problem with a simple, intuitive, cloud-based “enterprise-class” search and content management solution purpose built for education.

  • IBM Watson NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered automatic concept, taxonomy extraction and tagging
  • Connect with LMS, Library and other repositories in minutes. Sync with a single click
  • Syllabus-driven IBM Watson powered recommendation engine simplifies discovery of courseware and content across the campus
  • Drag-and-drop across LMS and repositories and simplify LMS transitions

Content Insight

  • Cross-silo insights into courseware and content usage
  • Learning outcome tracking and analysis simplified on the web
  • Cloud-based content management across learning platforms and repositories

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