Community college students want to see a direct ROI of their time and tuition investment. They want a clear, predictable path to graduation and post-college success.

There are 3 broad outcomes students seek from Higher Ed

Will this program set me up for a career?

What is a quick, effective path to graduation?

What can the college do to support me?

Resource constraints and unfavorable advisor-student ratios prevent students from getting the personalized attention they need


Pragya helps students align their learning to careers and realize the ROI of a Community College education

Career Alignment

Help students explore their academic interests with a strong career context

  • Explore degrees, certificates, and workforce training programs
  • Labor Market Intelligence from Burning Glass (regional & national)
  • Guided Pathways
  • Employer tracks and advisor curated pathways
See how Pragya Explore helps align learning to career outcomes

Advising & Retention

Enable personalized, self-serve advising to help students stay on-track and improve equity & access
  • Personalized Guided Pathways
  • Progress tracking of courses, credits and skills
  • AI-Powered and advisor curated recommendations & notifications
  • Direct link to holistic student support services
  • Lightweight advising system for increasing advising reach and reducing caseloads
See how Pragya Dashboard enables self-serve advising

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