Exploring careers is difficult, and 39% of students do not use career services

Employers have no way to input their requirements into the curriculum

Advisors have little visibility into a student’s co-curricular and experiential learning

For Students

Students in college don’t have the necessary career context in choices they make. This has an adverse effect on persistence and post college outcomes, and disproportionately affects underprivileged students. Students also don’t engage with employers until just before they are going to graduate, which is often too late.

Pragya helps students:
  • Pick an academic program armed with the right information about job outlook and occupational requirements
  • Be informed about alumni & employer pathways
  • Align academic & co-curricular choices to career skills & competencies
  • Discover mentors, internships and apprenticeships
See how Pragya Explore  helps students align their learning to careers

For Employers

Lack of early engagement has been noted as one of the most significant problems in campus recruitment by large employers. Employers have no ability to inform or influence a student’s learning, and this often results in a competency gap. Therefore, fresh college graduates require a longer and more expensive on-boarding process.

Pragya enables employers to:
  • Incorporate employer tracks that align with job requirements
  • Engage alumni mentors to guide students
  • Gain a more holistic view of a student’s experiences and competencies
  • Build awareness early in the college journey and disseminate career resources

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