Siloed campus systems & services, coupled with unfavorable advisor-student ratios, prevent students from getting the personalized support they need

Students struggle to find answers to questions such as

Am I on-track to timely graduation?

Am I acquiring skills
necessary to my career?

Are there any important deadlines I need to track?

Timely support through a self-serve model can greatly impact advising efficacy

Pragya helps institutions increase retention & post-college success with a personalized, scalable advising solution

One Stop, Self-Service Dashboard

Personalized, contextual information directly in front of students
  • Real-time progress and competency tracking
  • Integrated (academic & co-curricular) pathways
  • Course, performance and activity information
  • Customizable links to campus services
  • AI-Powered personalized recommendations
See how Pragya Dashboard  helps students stay on-track to graduation

Scalable & Holistic Advising

Impactful advisor-student meetings instead of information exchange sessions
  • Direct visibility into Student Dashboard
  • Push notifications and recommendations
  • Advisor curated pathways
  • Slack-Like channels for collaboration
  • Freshman onboarding
  • Integration with CRM and case management systems
See how Pragya Dashboard helps increase advising impact & reach

Career Relevance

Early career context to drive academic & co-curricular choices
  • Program selection informed by career & alumni insight
  • Labor market information from Burning Glass (national & regional)
  • AI-Powered co-curricular recommendations
  • Employer tracks and advisor curated pathways
  • Off-Campus learning
See how Pragya Explore helps students & advisors keep career goals in sight

Experience the Application

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