12 January

Enrich your website with ROI…for free

ROI has become a real decision making criterion for students considering higher education options. There is increased transparency in college costs and job placement rates as well as tools for basic career exploration. However, higher-ed institutions are still struggling to articulate connections between their programs and career outcomes to ROI

26 October

Can career guidance drive Higher Ed enrollment?

College enrollment more than doubled to 18 million from 1980 to 2010. While enrollment has dipped a bit recently, easy access to loans has meant that going to college is a foregone conclusion for many. The only question is the choice of college. Somewhere in this crazy race of college

30 July

Connecting Liberal Arts Education to Jobs

It started as a casual discussion at a LearnLaunch holiday party late last year about the college to career skills gap. At Pragya, we had been working with universities and liberal arts colleges to help students track development of career relevant skills. In parallel, MIT J-WEL had been working with […]

06 May

Is College Worth It? Demonstrating Career Relevance

Over 20 million people have filed for unemployment benefits over the past few weeks. Economic and social uncertainty is in the front of parents’ minds. A survey of over 1100 students, released earlier this week, sheds light on how students & families are evaluating enrollment decisions amidst this crisis. Another […]

02 April

Transitioning to Digital Advising

Colleges around the country are scrambling to adapt their operations to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Scaling up online learning platforms and transitioning courses to support online learning is an important step most colleges have already taken.  The disruption to student life, however, goes far beyond the classroom and learning […]

21 January

Holistic Advising

A recent report by Georgetown CEW analyzes the ROI of over 4000 colleges, with the notion that more students are questioning the value of the college degree as it relates to career prospects. A growing number of students today are also older, have jobs, and are burdened with

02 May

Pivoting Towards The Student

Pragya was founded on the premise that creating a solution to break content silos would unlock massive efficiencies in college campuses. We’ve of course seen this play out spectacularly in several industries. Our team was tailor made to solve these problems in education, since they built a lot of the

16 December

My Journey Through EdTech

Meet Ajay Sharda, co-founder of Pragya Systems and a veteran of the EdTech industry. In this interview, Ajay shares his EdTech journey over the years and how it led him to Pragya today.
How did you get into the education industry?
I started my career developing software for the department

20 November

Why did I start an EdTech Company?

“You left the world of selling to mobile/telecom operators to jump into a world of selling to non-profit institutions?”, a friend of mine asked me quizzically. I didn’t have a short answer for him then. Here are my thoughts:
Back in 2007, I co-founded a startup in the mobile telecom