02 May

Pivoting Towards The Student

Pragya was founded on the premise that creating a solution to break content silos would unlock massive efficiencies in college campuses. We’ve of course seen this play out spectacularly in several industries. Our team was tailor made to solve these problems in education, since they built a lot of the

16 December

My Journey Through EdTech

Meet Ajay Sharda, co-founder of Pragya Systems and a veteran of the EdTech industry. In this interview, Ajay shares his EdTech journey over the years and how it led him to Pragya today.
How did you get into the education industry?
I started my career developing software for the department

20 November

Why did I start an EdTech Company?

“You left the world of selling to mobile/telecom operators to jump into a world of selling to non-profit institutions?”, a friend of mine asked me quizzically. I didn’t have a short answer for him then. Here are my thoughts:
Back in 2007, I co-founded a startup in the mobile telecom